Price list

  • Promotional and marketing materials: email
  • Corporate documentation: email
  • Medical texts: email
  • Financial texts: email
  • Legal texts: email
  • Proofreading: email
  • Editing: email
  • Presentations (PPT, PPS): email
  • Websites: email
  • Software localisation: email
  • Emergency e-mail service: email
  • Teleconferences: email
  • Interpretation: email
  • Sworn translations: email

Translations: price list and terms

Our price list has been prepared on the basis of the rule that the number of business days required to complete a translation which is ordered is no more than the number of standard pages contained in the text (e.g. we translate three standard pages of text within no more than three business days). Any orders requiring a shorter deadline require individual agreement of the price and deadline - please send your telephone number and enquiries directly to the Manager of Kancelaria Środa at

All prices are given net of VAT. The invoice value for entities registered in the EU is net of VAT. VAT at 23% is added for orders placed by entities registered in Poland and outside the European Union.

We offer discounts on translation projects in excess of 10 standard pages. We offer progressive discounts to corporate clients. We offer special prices to our regular clients who have signed a cooperation agreement with us.